I totally get it. You’re working a job that is killing your soul and you go to the forest as a way to heal, only to discover that there are people who are forest therapy guides and perhaps this is what you’re meant to do!

That could very well be the case! I hope it is. But as far as making a “living,” — the answer is it’s complicated and it depends on a number of factors. The more experience I get, the more nuanced my stance on this has become.

Here are some factors to consider before paying for that forest therapy certification or quitting your job! I don’t want to dissuade you at all, I just want you to be informed. In the wellness industry, there’s a lot of spiritual materialism and brainwashing that is used to take advantage of well-meaning people. …

I wrote a book on forest bathing and now I’m here to tell you it’s not enough.

If we want to heal, we can’t just bathe in the forest atmosphere like mindful nymphs. We need to become forest warriors — willing to do whatever it takes to protect forests.

To be alive on Planet Earth right now is to witness the end of times. From personal experience, I’ve come to understand that even if these problems seem too big to solve, we must try for the sake of our own mental (as well as physical, emotional, spiritual) health and for the sake of future generations.

As we know, we have this decade and this decade only to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. This is the existential threat of our time…

What if ‘shelter in place’ were an invitation to begin the journey of re-becoming people of place?

The state of our world right now is unprecedented. We don’t have frameworks or understanding for how to cope in these times. It’s chaotic and disorienting. For those of us who find solace in connection to community and nature, the demands to distance ourselves physically and stay indoors can be challenging.

A few weeks ago, many of us had never heard of the term “shelter in place” and now, at the time of writing, one in five Americans as well as people worldwide are finding themselves staying home all day long.

Without dismissing the gravity of the pandemic, what if…

In these chaotic and uncertain times, the best guide is within you.

Real life begins at wit’s end.

Our wits are well-honed and very quick. It’s time to bring the mind back in balance and stop trying to figure out way out of this mess we are in. By tuning into Nature and learning to listen to your heart, you can learn to live with ease and joy during hard times.

This is a story of how a decade of dealing with chronic illness forced me out of my head and into my heart and how I healed myself by learning to communicate with Nature and trust my intuition.

Along the way…

I’m just beginning to realize that my search for sacred is not unique, but it is the original, most primal search that we humans engage in.

Disconnection — from ourselves, from each other, from Mother Earth, from the divine — is the original wound that we are constantly healing. As seekers, what we are all ultimately seeking is that reunion with the divine. That is what unites us. It is what the word “yoga” means — union. When we chant the Maha Mantra “Hare Krishna” — what we are wailing out for is the reunion of Krishna with his eternal escort Radha. It’s that desire to reconnect.

For a while I thought that there was not enough of the divine in this modern world and that…

Oh my goodness. Am I bipolar? Have I been bipolar my whole life? I don’t have an official diagnosis yet but I am going to discuss this with my therapist next week. She’s not big into labels and neither am I — especially when it comes to mental health. In the west, we have a tendency to become our diagnoses and get so wrapped up in it.

People say they have IBS or have the flu. No one says “I am irritable bowel syndrome.” But when it comes to mental health — we are what we have. “I am depressed” or “I am bipolar.”

That aside, I’ve always known on some level that I experience a greater range of human emotions in one hour or one day than many people do in their lifetime. This has been the case since I was a small child and like many sensitive, emotional kids — I was taught that some emotions were acceptable and others weren’t so I became really…

Ways to instantaneously connect to nature whenever you’re feeling anxious or stressed

Mostly reminders for myself for the times when I’m not in the forest…which is most of the time! I believe the true Nature Jedis are the ones who can be connected to nature and in that space of awe as we go about our days in the world.

I admire people who live in nature and I yearn for that too, but there’s some part of my dharma that keeps guiding me back to the tech world in San Francisco. It’s here where I can be the voice of the trees. These are some ways I keep my cool while…

The other day after meeting a friend for tea at The Center, I was walking home on Fillmore Street and I realized that I hadn’t done my daily ritual of connecting to the sun, something I had learned from a Shugendo monk in Japan. He taught me this ritual after asking, “Do you feel connected to the universe?”

I said, “Some days YES, everything feels so magical and other days feel kind of mundane, like I’m just going about life.”

The monk nodded his head and then instructed me to do a simple sun connection practice every day. I’ve stuck…

In shamanic traditions, they often say the harder the journey the more powerful the medicine.

We each have a medicine to offer that’s unique to us. I believe each of us is on a personal journey of reconnecting to nature, our true nature, as well as the awareness that we are nature and everything we feel and experience is the Earth experiencing herself, becoming more conscious every day.

This is the story of how I began to uncover my medicine and how I am now committed to helping you discover your medicine.

If the work resonates and you’re ready to do it yourself, check out the invitation at the end of this essay. …

“I’m really stressed,” I tell my mom over a snack of chips and guacamole.

She laughs,“Oh, you have such a stressful life!”

It’s true, I left the corporate world to pursue my own passions because there’s so much important work to do in the world that I could no longer stand to waste my life energy designing strategy for a tobacco company and other shit that the world doesn’t need. Instead I started doing the work that matters, and when you follow your heart — magic happens. So now I’m writing a book about how to reconnect to nature, which…

Julia Plevin

Nature-Centered Designer | Entrepreneur | Founder of Forest Bathing Club. I write and design things — it’s all in service to Mother Earth.

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